Don’t Leave Those Stains For Too Long

People are lazy. I know from experience. But laziness can be costly.

If you spill any liquids on your nice wool carpet or kids play “house” on the living room floor there might be spillage marks. Don’t leave those to dwell for days let alone weeks or months. The substance in the drink can be quite damaging to the carpet fibres if left to work its way into the dye of the carpet.

Trust me, it is very difficult to remove those once more than 48 hours have passed. It requires a lot more effort and skill. At the end of the day why complicate your life with something that is easily cleanable but time sensitive? Makes sense?

For the best outcome please contact a professional carpet cleaning company like Rich’s Carpet Cleaning. Do not attempt to remove the stains using conventional supermarket products as this can make the spot worse and the its removal much more difficult.

If you insist on doing this yourself and you are comfortable in your carpet removing skills here is a video that can help: