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December 2016

"Thank you so much. The rugs look great!"

A. Remez


April 2016

"Rich, thank you for all your help. I appreciate it."

M. Fischer


"Thank you for everything!"

S. Houston



March 2016


"Rugs look great, thank you!'

S. Dargay

"Everything looks good - thanks Rich."

G. Landau


February 2016

"Thank you so much. The rugs came out really good."

K. Davis


January 2016

"Thank you for the fast response! They did a great job."

A. Flath

"The Rug looks and smells great, thanks!"

L. Nowak


December 2015

"Rugs look good!"

The Otts

"The rugs smell great! Thanks!"

A. Paryzer


November 2015

"Thank you very much!"

The McAdams

"Thanks Rich, carpet looks so much better"

N. Mcgovern

"Thanks for coming out on such short notice. The carpet looks wonderful."

J. Mariano


October 2015

"Looks great, thanks for everything Rich."

J. Underwood

"The tile looks good - thank you!"

J. Johnson

"Great job on the stretching and thank you for working around our schedule with the closing."

R. Brosen

September 2015

"The carpet looks a lot better - thanks!"

S. Fiorelli

August 2015

"Thanks Rich."

C. Fisher

"We are very pleased with the work you did for us, and we will use you again for sure."

J. Cook

July 2015

"Great job, thanks for everything."

V. DiFurio

June 2015

"The house looks good!"

M. Johnson

May 2015

"Job well done Rich! Thanks!"

T. Mecca

"Everything looks good. Thank you."

S. Sponenberg

"The windows look wonderful, thank you."

S. Sutphin

April 2015

"You did an amazing job!"

C. Malcolm

February 2015

"Thank you so much. The house looks great!"

C. Kratz

January 2015

"Good job, thanks!"

M. Paolella

"Thank you. Great job, the carpets look good!"

M. Whitney

"Thank you so much!"

D. Magaziner

"The carpets and rugs look so much better. Thank you."

B. Williams

"Thanks for everything!"

A. Bullitt

December 2014

"You guys did an amazing job! The house looks beautiful."

M. Mayhew

"Thank you so much!"

The Boyles

"My youngest daughter was having trouble breathing in the House but after you cleaned the Air Ducts she's been doing much better. Thank you Rich."

M. Carlson

November 2014

"Wow! The rugs look brand new!"

C. Hilbush

"Thanks Rich!"

D. Brague

"Everything looks great, thank you."

M. Curran

"You did a great a job. I'll refer you to my friends and family!"

D. Kelly

"Thank you so much!"

B. McKearn

October 2014

"The basement looks great!"

A. Vankirk

"The Tile and Marble look amazing! It's like night and day!"

R. Stamelman

"Everything looks so good! Thank you Rich, I am thrilled with your work."

D. Marcus

"The rugs look good. Nice job!"

G. Cambeiro

"Wow - the carpets are flat again! They look so good  - thank you!"

The Condo's

"The carpet looks so much better. Thank you."

M. Prabhu

September 2014

"The new carpets look great."

E. Vitt

"The carpets look perfect! Thanks so much for all of your help."

D. Pagano

"Oh my god, everything looks great! I'm going to take pictures of the carpets and tile and send them to my dad. Thank you!"

K. Goeb

August 2014

"The rugs look wonderful!"

The McCarthy's

"Great work, Rich! Thanks for all you have done!"

A. Jubelirer

July 2014

"Wow, the carpet looks great! Thanks again for a great job!"

J. Grubb

"Thanks Rich. The House looks good."

J. Morgan

"Excellent job, thank you."

D. Lande


M. Fasy

June 2014

"The carpets look good - thanks Rich!"

K. Dipietro

"You and your crew did a great job on the house, thank you so much."

The Colberts

"Thanks for the great job!"

L. Millman

May 2014

"Thank you so much Rich, it was a pleasure meeting you and your associates."

M. Kelly

"The rugs look good, thank you Rich."

A. Blake

April 2014

"You do great work!"

S. Krantz

"Our rug looks great, you did a wonderful job!"

T. Kern

February 2014

"Excellent job on the carpets. Thanks Rich!"

J. Rowe

December 2013

"Wow - the rugs look wonderful. Thank you!"

C. Kutz

"The rug looks good. Thanks so much."

B. Cummings

November 2013

"The carpet looks great!"

M. Niemiec

"Thank you so much Rich! You saved the day! Everything looks great, we're very happy."

J. Kurzawa

"Thank you Rich."

S. Bradbury

October 2013

"Wonderful job. Thank you very much."

H. Griffith

"The area rug looks so much better, and the carpets look great. Thank you Rich!"

D. Wolff

"Excellent work. I'll recommend you to all of my neighbors."

K. Dever

"We were so glad to find a Company able to meet all of our cleaning needs, and you were able to do it all in one day. Thank you so much."

L. Shickel

"Great job. Thank you so much."

J. Lugo

September 2013

"The furniture and tile look awesome. Thanks Rich."

D. Harakal

"The house looks great. Thank you so much!"

G. Benson

"Thank you for the wonderful job!"

J. Griff

August 2013

"The carpets and furniture look good. I will definitely recommend you to my family and business customers."

M. McGraff

"The carpets look so much better and I'm so thankful that your crew pointed out a leak in my attic that could have caused further damage. Thanks Rich."

R. Lynch

"Thank you so much!"

S. Schrepple

"The rugs look great!"

J. Perian, Jr.

July 2013

"The house looks good. Thanks Rich."

E. Mckenney

June 2013

"The carpets look great. Thank you."

K. Martin

"Thank you Rich!"

S. Peters

"Great job, thank you so much."

J. Burdalski

"Thanks Rich. Your Technician did a great job. I will be using you again in the future."

D. Muller

May 2013

"Rich - thanks so much!"

D. Barkley

"The carpets look almost brand new! Thank you so much."

N. Platt

"The rugs look amazing!"

M. Noesner

"You did a great job. Thank you Rich!"

H. Gonzalez

April 2013

"The carpets look good. Thanks."

H. Bell

"I'd recommend you guys in a minute."

N. Brady

"The furniture looks so much better. Thank you Rich!"

K. Defilippo

"You did a great job with the ducts and carpets. Thanks Rich."

W. Bindas

"Thank you Rich for coming to stretch and clean my carpets. The upstairs looks lots better especially with the stretching completed. The downstairs carpet looks better too."

P. Bell

March 2013

"The carpets look wonderful. Thank you for all your help."

(Estate Cleaning)

"Great job on the carpets. Thanks Rich."

R. Quigley

February 2013

"Everything looks beautiful. Thank you once again. I will definitely recommend you for both air duct and carpet cleaning."

D. Strivieri

"The sofas look much better. Thanks Rich."

T. Boyer

"The chairs cleaned up very well, thank you."

C. Fowler

December 2012

"The carpets look so much better! We were worried we would have to replace the carpet on the back steps, but now it looks great! Thank you Rich!"

D. Strivieri

November 2012

"Carpets look great and you took the extra effort to accommodate my
crazy schedule! Thanks!"

K. Barrett - Anchor 5, 6 & 10 pm Fox 29 Philadelphia

October 2012

"Your crew did a great job. Thank you Rich."

B. Kestenbaum

September 2012

"Thanks for all your help Rich."

R. Mislevy

August 2012

"The house looks beautiful! Thank you so much, you've done a great job."

H. Golec

"Wow - the rug looks amazing!"

S. Dimian

July 2012

"The house looks great!"

K. Stouffer

June 2012

"The furniture looks so much better. Thank you!"

E. Bergman

"Thank you so much!"

P. Melczer

"The carpets look great. Thanks Rich."

C. Whitman

"Thanks for another great carpet cleaning job."

P. Schuyler

"Thank you for everything Rich. Your crew did a fantastic job cleaning our new Home."

M. Barnes

May 2012

"Thanks Rich!"

R. Safier

"You did a great job on the furniture. Thank you Rich."

K. Hargadon

"The patio looks great. Thank you!"

K. Rooney

"The rugs look good. Thanks Rich."

A. Bennett

April 2012

"The carpets look wonderful. Thank you for all your help."

R. Roberts

"Thank you once again Rich for an excellent carpet cleaning job."

G. Diciurcio

"The rug looks great, and the sectional looks so much better. Thanks Rich!"

A. Bullitt

March 2012

"Wow - the tile and grout looks amazing!"

M. McCabe

"The carpets look good. Thank you Rich."

D. Kaiblinger

"We had company coming this weekend and were in a bit of a hurry to get the carpets cleaned. The carpets look and smell so much better. Thanks Rich!"

J. Blough

"Everything looks great. Thanks Rich!"

D. Michelman

"The rugs look good. Thank you Rich."

P. Elmi

February 2012

"I am blown away! What a difference! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Our dingy old carpet looks brand new!"

B. Petrella

"Your crew did an excellent job. Thanks Rich."

P. Hyra

"Our new Home looks and smells great. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!"

K. Flynn

January 2012

"We're very, very pleased with the job you and your crew did. Thank you Rich."

L. Bouruet

November 2011

"The house looks great! Thank you!"

 T. Cunningham

October 2011

"Thank you for all your help after the flood, Rich."

M. Collins

September 2011

"Everything looks great - thanks Rich!"

R. Caruso

August 2011

"You guys did an excellent job power washing the mildew off of our house. Thanks Rich!"

C. Scott

July 2011

"The furniture and carpets look and smell great!"

P. Lechner

June 2011

"Rich, thanks again for a great job on my house."

L. Fritz

May 2011

"The carpets look good. The guys did a great job. Thank you Rich!"

S. Palmer

February 2011

"Rich, you did a great job.  I was at the condo this weekend and it is shaping up on getting back to recovery mode."

J. Lewis

December 2010

"Rich - thank you so much for all of your help in our new Home."

H. Xu

November 2010

"I needed my furniture cleaned right away and the Upholstery cleaners were at my house that same afternoon. Since the furniture has dried, it looks like new! Your service was very helpful, kind and efficient in completing the job. Thank you so much Rich!"

C. Caufield

July 2010

"Rich was courteous, thorough, and the power washing was very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!"

A. Mermelstein

June 2010

"The house looks great! Thanks!"

M. Hartung - Owner of Cherry Hill Mercedes Benz, Porsche and VW

"Rich's cleaned our flooded Basement in a timely manner."

L. Streitfeld

March 2010

"Thank you so much Rich for all your help with the flood!"
A. Rubin       

"My emergency was handled with the utmost professionalism and concern. The crew made a great effort to clean up the mess as quickly as possible. A+ job."
M. Masiello

November 2009

"Two other cleaning companies were called to give us an estimate for cleaning our HVAC system & extensive duct work. Both declined the job due to the size and scope of the job! Rich's gave us an estimate and completed the job as promised. The job required two and a half days and 8 people to complete."
Siemens Medical Solutions

July 2009

"We had a pipe burst in the middle of the night. Our maintenance staff tried but
could not remove the water fast enough. We called Rich's and Rich had a
truck on site within 90 minutes. Thanks Rich!"
Mickey, NJ Transit Facilities Management

November 2008

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all your work.
The ducts look so much better and I am so happy the dryer vent is fixed. It was definitely more expensive than I thought but it is well worth it.  Please let me know if you need any recommendations, I would be happy to write or talk to whomever you would like."window washing
Ashley & Jon Avidan

September 2008

"Rich cleaned my 450 square foot white deck that hadn't been cleaned in over a year and made it look great again. Thank you."
C. Carney

August 2008

"I haven't had my dryer vent cleaned in many years. My clothing was taking a long time to dry. Rich removed all the lint that was trapped in the dryer vent by pulling the dryer out and using a duct cleaning tool to remove all the lint from the beginning of the vent all the way to the outside. All the lint was removed and my drying time is now back to normal. Thank you Rich." 
D. Oxom

July 2008

"Great work Rich. You cleaned all the algae off my Mom's house."
B. King

June 2008

"I appreciate that  you were able to clean the house and carpets on a day's notice." 
C. Englehart

"Love your website.  It was so easy to find what I needed.  Your prices were great for carpet cleaning.  I compared your prices with four other services and you were the best price for the service." 
P. Pelligrino

"I haven't cleaned my rugs in over 10 years.  You made them feel soft and smell fresh again.  That's not an easy job with my kids and pets."
D. Schmidt

"Rich was able to power wash the outside of the house, general cleaned the inside, cleaned all my windows and even cleaned and stretched my carpets.  Plus he cleaned my air ducts and dryer vent in my new home and he got this all done in one day. Thanks."
B. Johnson              

May 2008

"You did such a great job power washing the deck and patio furniture that I'm recommending you to all my friends."
M. Simons

"The house and deck look great. Thanks for the great pressure washing job."
P. Novic

"Didn't get this email till this morning. I just wanted to tell you that I was so pleased with the job you guys did. I would recommend you in a minute! Thank you so much. Please pass this on to your wife and staff."
A. Walsh - Bensalem Township, PA Police Dept.

April 2008

"Rich, thanks for the great job you did on my mom's rugs. Thank you for being so kind to my aging mother. She is so attached to those rugs and they were looking terrible. You brought them back to life."  
A. Crater, Prosecutor, Atlantic County, NJ

May 2007

"The pet odor in my house was terrible. Rich thank you so much for cleaning my carpets and furniture. I can't smell any pet odor."
L. Shepherd

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