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Carpet Stretching, Repairing and Patching

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We stretch loose or wrinkled carpet, repair split seams, burns, holes or any other damage.  This is like a face lift for your carpet, making it look years younger. 

Do you have unwanted humps in your carpet?

Does your carpet need to be repaired or re-stretched?  This can be caused by  having your carpets incorrectly installed or cleaned.  High-traffic areas and worn-out backing are some of the causes.  Shampooing carpets may also cause humps if too much water is used.  This is why carpet manufacturers suggest getting your carpets cleaned professionally using an  extraction or steam cleaning system to reduce the amount of water that stays in the carpet while it is being cleaned.  Certain brands develop humps more than others and have to be stretched two or three times before they lie completely flat.   

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Humps or Bumps

  • Pulled Threads from Pets

  • Burn Marks

  • Stains from Potted Plants or Rotten Carpet

  • Bleach Stains

  • Nail polish or Paint

We can help you.  There are several ways that a carpet can be repaired.  From stretching or cutting the problem piece out and replacing it with another section (usually from a closet) to recoloring/dying the area that is bleached.

Ways to repair your carpet


Seam Repair

The hardest part of an installation is the seam work. What's harder than seam work on a installation is remaking existing seam work. The benefits for remaking existing seams are improved appeal, improved structural integrity and a tighter stretch to the carpet. We remove the existing seam tape, stretch the carpet tight together, prepare the edges inch-by-inch, and permanently bond the carpet back together using thermoplastic tape and a carpet seaming iron. This permanent repair is performed in the same way that the original seams were done during installation.


By using a power stretcher or kicker, the carpet can be stretched taut again. All excess carpet is trimmed from the edges and the carpet is reinstalled, improving the look of your carpet.  This helps to prevent safety hazards and further wear.





Bonded Insert
carpet repairscarpet repairsA Bonded Insert is also known as a patch. When you consider the cost of replacing carpet, it is cost effective to only repair the damaged portion.  The damaged area is cut out, then a matching undamaged section is taken from a closet, or other inconspicuous area and is cut to the exact proportion of the carpet that was cut out. Then the replacement piece is permanently bonded to the area and groomed to match the surrounding carpet.

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*Eastern PA BBB

*Areas over 200 square feet are considered multiple areas

*Minimum charge of $99.99 per area to stretch

*Stretching cost includes only stretching and moving of furniture.

*Wall to wall carpets connected to other rooms, for example bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, hallways, steps, living rooms, dining rooms, etc may have seam lines that may require opening and re-seaming to affect a proper stretch. There will be additional charges for each seamline opened. There may also be extra charges for additional materials needed for example tape, glue, tack down strips, transition bars, etc.

*Technicians move only furniture they deem necessary to move in order to stretch/reinstall/repair.

*Rich's Cleaning Services doing business as Rich's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning refers Water Restoration, Home Improvement/Handyman Services, Carpet and Flooring sales/service/installation/repair to NJ/PA/DE registered/fully insured Home Improvement Contractors. All services rendered by Subcontractors are billed directly to  Customers. Customer is responsible for payment directly to Subcontractor.



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