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We specialize in: Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning of all types of Carpets, Oriental rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, drapery cleaning, furniture cleaning, odor removal, synthetic carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, pet stain treatment.

Call Toll Free: (877) 855-2820

Call Toll Free: (877) 855-2820

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           We are authorized applicators of
      3M Scotchgard™ Protector.

    Scotchgard repels liquids and
    protects against dirt and stains on Carpet and Upholstery.


          We are Pet Odor and Pet Stain Specialists

Pollen, dust, cigar/cigarette smoke, dirt and pet dander make your carpets and furniture an odor catchall. Give them a breath of fresh air with Rich's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Servic

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Call Toll Free: (877) 855-2820

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Rich's offers Green Cleaning.


Fire hazard! Too many dryer vents look like this, don't let this happen to you! Let us clean your Dryer vent.

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While your carpeting may not require the regular cleaning that other types of flooring demand, your carpet should be professionally cleaned once every year to 18 months, even if you vacuum regularly. Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of the carpeting or area rugs and contributes to better air quality, reducing allergies and illness.

Knowing a little about your carpet construction will help you decide the best cleaning method for you. Most carpets consist of the top pile yarn and the backing yarn, The backing yarn holds everything together and forms the foundation that holds the pile yarn. Hand woven carpets are very costly and represent less than 10% of the market. They have very dense pile which can be seen woven trough the backing from the underside. The vast majority of carpets however are "tufted". Tufted carpets are made by using a pre-woven backing cloth, into which the pile fabric is mechanically tufted or punched. The carpet is then given a 'secondary backing' with a rubber, polyurethane or foam as a binding method. This is all done on huge machines at very high speed to provide economy of scale. Tufted carpet is more commonly called twist pile, cut pile or loop pile. The quality depends on many factors, but an important one is the pile density - measured in threads per square inch. The denser the pile the better. Look at a cheap twisted pile carpet and you can see the backing through the pile.

Pile and backing yarns fall into two categories; natural or synthetic. Natural yarns are hessian or jute for backing yarn, and wool for the pile yarn or quite often a wool nylon blend. Synthetic yarns include nylon, polypropylene, and polyester for the pile yarn. Backing is almost always a cheaper synthetic.

Wool has been used in carpets and rugs since ancient times and all other fibers are compared against it. It is luxurious, strong and comfortable. It repels soil and water yet is easily dyed any color. Much of the carpet wool comes from New Zealand, Argentina and Australia. Wool is also easy to clean. Nylon is the most frequently used fiber in carpeting today. Nylon was introduced in 1938 by Dupont but there are now many manufacturers of nylon fiber for carpeting, It is lower cost and stain resistant. Polypropylene or Olefin Fiber was introduced to the carpet industry in 1950, polypropylene is 100% solution-dyed, which makes it fade-resistant. Usually found in continuous filament, it is great for outdoor use as well as indoor use. This fiber is not as resilient as nylon, but costs less for the manufacturer. Most constructions for this fiber are in loop pile or Berber loop pile which are more resistant to crushing they offer exceptional value. Polyester was introduced to carpeting in the 1960's, polyester offers a little more tactile hand feel than nylon. Used in cut pile and textured constructions, polyester is most often used by the industry in staple form. It is not quite as resilient as nylon but will give excellent performance if properly constructed. You should look for well-twisted polyesters.

A simple test to determine if your carpet is synthetic or natural is to snip a single loop from an unseen location and hold a match to it. Natural will burn but synthetic will melt or bead.

In practice the choice of fiber depends on your needs and location. The trade off is that natural fibers (wool) repel soil but synthetic fibers do not and wool is easily stained but most synthetics are not.


Carpet Cleaning,  Upholstery Cleaning , Air Duct Cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, Move in Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Carpet Stretching, Window Cleaning, Power Washing in New Castle County, DE

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